May 25 2014, 3pm


Anime Noooooorth! @ikiracake and I in our Yveltal and Xerneas outfits. By some random miracle we ran into this phenomenal Zygarde at the Pokemon photo shoot. She didn’t have a group so we kidnapped her for a bit and took awesome selfies.

And there’s Tom looking weird behind the table. If anyone’s around tomorrow come stop by in the crafters corner!

I’m posting from mobile for the first time ever and the third photo looked weird so I tossed in a shot of all the cut pieces for eeveelution plushies from like a month ago lol

We look fantastic, though I think I need to try a different wig, and maybe tie the mask on tighter. It looks like it’s almost falling off in most of the pics I’ve seen. But yeah, we look FAB

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May 25 2014, 10am


Pokemon and Soul Eater!

If you’re in these pictures or know anyone in them, send me a msg and I’ll happily credit you

These all look awesome. I was the Yveltal! Do you mind if I save the picture?

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May 25 2013, 12am

First night of AN, and it was just as cold as feared. I didn’t bother putting on any costumes, but I got my special make UP! tights, hope to get pics soon

Sleeeeeeep time

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May 24 2013, 10am



And it’s going to be EFFING COLD which sucks cuz it’s usually stupid hot and all my costumes were designed based on that assumption and now I’m going to freeze then die then EXPLODE.

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May 17 2013, 12am

Super tired, but I got a lot done today. Everything was ironed and hemmed, and I’ve started to put together the jacket. My friends who are awesome forevers supplied me with both a lightweight stuffing for my tail (which is a story unto itself. EEEEEVIL STYROFOAM FILLING) and the perfect navy fabric for my bodysuit. Now I have a colour I’m more satisfied with!

I also went out and bought a bunch of craft foam for Lugia’s back fin-things and head spikes. Originally the plan was to buy a couple of 8x11 sheets of navy craft foam, but unfortunately the craft store didn’t have any individual navy. The only navy foam they had came in a package of 30 pieces of foam each 3x8ish, and only 4 of which were navy. I ended up having to buy 3 packs to get enough navy. Anyone know what I can do with several small sheets of craft foam in various colours by any chance?

Working on finishing the jacket tomorrow, and if I’m lucky I’ll start the bodysuit. But now it’s time for bed.

(OH! And I think I might have talked my friend into cosplaying Ho-oh, so we can hang out as a pair!)

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May 15 2013, 12pm

Yay Cosplay!

Currently ATTEMPTING a mock-up of a potential Lugia cosplay for AN. The fabric I have isn’t exactly quite the right colours, but I didn’t have to go out and buy anything new so that’s a win. Crossing my fingers that the mock-up turns out and I can actually have a new costume for this year!

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May 27 2012, 10pm

Thank you! I love it, you’re adorable. :D So you had fun for me I hope.

I did! I spent most of the weekend working, between the Masquerade and pimping out our own Con, but it was a blast. I got SUPER sunburnt on my shoulders though, not looking forward to that tomorrow

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May 27 2012, 9pm

(Sunshinexiii, this is for you)
My Derpy Hooves cosplay at Anime North. Sorry the picture isn’t so great, it was taken in a rush.

(Sunshinexiii, this is for you)

My Derpy Hooves cosplay at Anime North. Sorry the picture isn’t so great, it was taken in a rush.

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May 25 2012, 1pm

Queue has been built up, and I’m ready for a Con

Off to Anime North for the weekend! Don’t have too much fun while I’m gone.

(I will never catch up everything I missed. Poopy)

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