June 24 2014, 12pm

Something with Sam getting his wings back? He did say there was only one left and Bucky broke that one. He must have been pretty happy that he can get them back. (I imagine that Tony took it as a challenge to build wings)


Sam was waiting for Steve on a park bench. There were a lot of superhero things that Sam didn’t qualify for, especially now that he was wingless. That was fine, mostly, but suggesting Captain America steal his wings back for him had only been 50% because Captain America needed his help.

The other 50% had been—would always be—that he loved to fly.

But he could do waiting. He’d been flightless most of his life. He could sit stuff out.

Someone sat next to him on the bench. He looked up and had that weird feeling he got a lot with Steve’s friends—that feeling that he knew their face but only through a TV.

"Hi?" he ventured.

"I know something about having a best friend who runs around in a superhero outfit," the guy said. "And I know a little bit about needing to fly, too."

"OK…good," said Sam. "Good…for you?"

The guy rolled his eyes. “See, my best friend is Tony Stark—” oh, Rhodes, this was Colonel Rhodes, and Sam tried to sit up straighter “—and I had to steal my wings right out from under him.”

"Sir?" said Sam.

"I want you back in the air, Sam," said Rhodes. "Because Steve needs you there."

"It’s not entirely in my control, sir," said Sam.

Rhodes lowered his aviator sunglasses on his nose and looked at Sam over the rim. “The information I am about to give you is so classified, it’s not even classified, you feel me?”

Sam nodded.

"OK, this is how you annoy Tony Stark into making you the fancy toys…"

June 23 2014, 2pm



best sweater


or best sweater

where can i buy this?????

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So everyone talks about Steve being able to wield Mjolnir and that’s cool and all, but a lot of people forget that Clint, in the comics, is one of the few people who can properly use Steve’s shield.

So…yes. Steve holds his hand out and accidentally catches Mjolnir and meanwhile Clint’s out of arrows and the shield lands near him so he just kind of says “fuck it” and picks up the shield and starts throwing it. And Thor kind of shrugs and just grabs the nearest thing to use as a weapon. Maybe tosses one of the bad guys at the other bad guys. Maybe tosses Tony at the bad guys. Something.

And later they all agree that was pretty fun.

It’s always fun to use Tony as a blunt instrument.

June 23 2014, 9am


A masterpost of some of my favourite Avengers head canons, mainly starring Clint.

(Credit to the bloggers that posted them)

June 22 2014, 3pm


Avengers in a nutshell: The Avengers

View more: Thor; Captain America

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My favorite birdies of Marvel *u*




My favorite birdies of Marvel *u*


May 1 2014, 4pm

(I survived! Everything went better than the first couple, but I won't get marks until end of June. So I've got some time to forget about it) Didn't Quorra and Tron learn how to dance in one of your fic...? >:)


(Hurray for winning all the tests and forgetting all the material!)

"You know it’s sad when the computer people can dance better than you," Bucky announced as he leaned back against the wall next to Steve, and Steve shrugged. Across from them, Tron was swinging Quorra around fast enough that he half expected them to take flight.

"I know," Steve said after a long moment quiet watching. "It’s just, I was -"

"Waiting, I know," Bucky replied, then tilted his head thoughtfully as the two programs brought their routine to a close. "It’s not the same, but… You know you can dance with a friend, right?" He looked at Steve out of the corner of his eye. "Just dancing."

"Yeah, I know," Steve let out on a single breath, consciously letting all other connotations and meanings bleed out of the conversation. "All the swinging and flailing around looks like fun, too."

Bucky smiled at him, embraced the lighter mood, and ran with it. “So let’s get those feet moving, Rogers.” He pushed off from the wall, and started walking over, Steve only a few steps behind. “Hey Tron, Q. Got a minute?”

The pair of them exchanged looks, then turned back to the pair of them. “We have 47,” Quorra replied.

Steve watched Bucky put his hands together with a now-too-infrequent mischievous smile; he half-expected him to say something like ‘Excellent…’ or ‘This pleases us.’ “Steve’s never learned how to dance.”

The pair of programs share another long look at that; the room was brightly lit, but Steve was pretty sure he still saw the light of program-specific communication happening. Then, suddenly, Quorra darted forward and snagged Bucky’s arm. “Let’s show him, then.”

Bucky spluttered a bit as Quorra dragged him into dance position; it was easy to forget, sometimes, that a program’s strength had nothing to do with their size.

Quorra nudged them into motion, leading Bucky around the floor.

There was a light touch on his arm, and Steve tore his eyes away from watching to Tron, who had his own, just as rare mischievous smile on. “Would you like to lead, or should I?”

Steve thought about it for a moment, watched Quorra and Bucky stumbling around together, neither of them accustomed to the part they were playing, but smiling and laughing regardless. One of the best things about dancing that he’d seen, is how much funit looked to be. “Either’s fine.”

Tron nodded, then carefully arranged their hands so he could follow. “Lead on, then.”

* * * * *

Natasha came in while the four of them were cooling down and having lunch. She smirked a litle, then proceeded to thwap Bucky gently in the back of the head.

"Ow!" Bucky yelped and ducked his head away, even though the contact hadn’t hurt. "What was that for?"

"Shame on you," Natasha scolded playfully, and ruffled Steve’s hair. Then she made a show of wiping her hand off on his shoulder. "You didn’t invite me to play."

"What do you mean?" Quorra asked with genuine concern, and Natasha smiled at her for it.

"Next time, it’s my turn to teach you ballet," she announced in a definitively no-nonsense tone. It brought to Steve’s mind how so many of her combat moves looked like dancing.

"And if you forget me again…" she continued, clasping Bucky’s shoulders with her hand tight enough to make him actually yelp. “I’ll make you wear tutus.”

"I have no idea what I just interrupted, and I’m leaving before I find out,” Clint announced loudly from the doorway, hands in the air, and turned right back around and left.

"But Clint," Natasha called after him, and started for the doorway. "It’s going to be so much fun.”

Steve looked at Bucky, who was staring back with one eyebrow raised curiously, and he smiled.

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The first one - the Cap one - is the main inspiration behind Unfamiliar Skies which I have so many plans for…
Anyway, I hadn’t seen a post of them all together, so…






The first one - the Cap one - is the main inspiration behind Unfamiliar Skies which I have so many plans for…

Anyway, I hadn’t seen a post of them all together, so…

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April 30 2014, 11am

The First Time


(I don’t know how this happened, I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote this, I don’t know how it got as long as it did. All I know is I made myself sad, and the whole thing’s kind of rough, but I’ll clean it up later/tomorrow.)

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April 26 2014, 9am


imagine bucky and sam eating doritos as steve is pacing in front of the huge windows on the upper floors of the tower. suddenly bucky squints at steve and then holds up a dorito as steve stands at the window with his back to them- and then bucky says “oh my god, sam, he literally has the shoulder to waist ratio of a dorito, look at this,” and sam shakes his head and says “i told you, bro. you never listen to me.”

April 25 2014, 5pm


i want to see the avengers play cards against humanity and i want to see them all slowly realizing that steve has the most fucked up sense of humor out of all of them

April 25 2014, 5pm






#steve is like what #someone’s playing galaga #wait i don’t know what galaga is #shit what if it’s important #is it a sport #is it a band #is it a board game #like monopoly #(thank god they still have monopoly) #god i’d better just look #it’s behind me isn’t it #there is nothing behind me #GOSH DARN IT 21ST CENTURY

I like how many parts of the movie you realize Thor, Steve, and Loki really do not know what the fuck is going on.

I just want a movie with Thor, Steve and Loki attempting to figure out this century. LIke, no action, no adventure, no explosions. Just wifi.

And then every so often Tony shows up and just rolls his eyes as Loki screams at the toaster, demanding for it to surrender his breakfast.

You guys really just want an Avengers sitcom, don’t you


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April 21 2014, 9pm

If you want, I can copy paste everything we've written and submit it to you. And if you're still up for prompts: Between all six of the Avengers, they've eaten some WEIRD stuff. So when they find out that Tron has a very limited diet, they take it upon themselves to find something else Tron can eat. Tony and Bruce are all scientific about it, comparing calorie contents and making charts, Clint makes all sorts of weird dishes, and Cap makes the simple stuff his mom used to make when he was sick


(If you would, I’d be very grateful. I’m just going to go ahead and publish this one, though…)

One of the first steps of the Science Bros’ Scientific Food Method is breaking something he CAN eat into its component parts, which takes a bit of time. The first thing they try (as in, the easiest to acquire) is a spoonful of the monosaccharide glucose in syrup form.

Tron makes a terrible face at it, and completely mystifies the pair of them for a solid week.

After seeing Bruce and Tony’s lack of success, Clint hands Tron a bowl of unflavored popcorn, juice from a habanero chile, black licorice, salted cod, arugula salad, a sour cherry pastry, almond butter, and as a joke because of something Sam Flynn mentioned in passing, a pint of motor oil. Sure, Clint wasn’t a genius or anything, but he was pretty good at spotting patterns, so tried to hit as many major flavor types as possible (salty, sweet, sour, bitter, hot, nutty, anise-y) and a couple different grains (corn and wheat).

Tron had had to physically remove himself from the almond butter, even before he could taste it, and Clint had to remove himself when Tron tried - and seemed to like, or at least not dislike or completely avoid - the habanero juice and motor oil, and then mixed them together.

Everyone who heard about it became equally traumatized, so they all agreed that those ones didn’t count.

At this point the Science Bros try again, this time with esters. They fail, unfortunately, but are treated to the strange sight of Tron’s eyes ‘watering’ as he flees the lab, leaking two thin trails of liquid energy, which still noticeably glowed, even in their bright surroundings.

Steve’s success is sort of an accident; he’d heard about the bad reaction Tron had had to the last attempt, and came by to apologize for the Science Bros and make sure the program was okay. Tron said he would be fine, but Steve offered to help him wash the remaining esters out of his eyes with the sprayer attached to the kitchen sink.

Steve helps Tron get situated at the sink - even though the water occasionally makes an odd sizzle noise if it splatters onto a circuit - and resumes making lunch while watching over him. There isn’t a whole lot to do while rinsing out one’s eyes, so Tron ends up asking about the peculiar but pleasant smell in the kitchen.

And so, after Tron’s eyes have been thoroughly cleaned out, he tries his first bite of an old Irish stew that’s probably about half cabbage, with a bit of barley, potato, and tallow.

When Sam Wilson comes by to accompany Steve to a meeting in a couple hours, he finds the two of them talking over soup about Steve’s mother making something delicious out of nothing like a human SHIVA laser analogue, in a room that practically reeks of cooked cabbage.

"Man, you weren’t kidding about the ‘boiling everything’ bit, were you?"

Steve just smiles and offers Sam a bowl; Sam pretends to make a fuss for a moment, but joins them with a smile.


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They didn’t find him for a week.

reblogging because i headcanoned that they only found him because Tony happened to be flying that way and was like “that’s a freaking huge bird nesting in th- WHAT THE HECK CLINT? GUYS I FOUND CLINT!”



They didn’t find him for a week.

reblogging because i headcanoned that they only found him because Tony happened to be flying that way and was like “that’s a freaking huge bird nesting in th- WHAT THE HECK CLINT? GUYS I FOUND CLINT!”

April 18 2014, 11pm

Even Rocky had a montage

  • archwrites: y'all I've been thinking, I want avengers 2 to be like at least 30% teambuilding activities, with like a training montage and then they use the Flying V or something
  • copperbadge: Oh my god an Avengers training montage
  • copperbadge: I need it
  • resplendeo: what music playing
  • copperbadge: Eye of the Tiger
  • resplendeo: because several options
  • copperbadge: No, Led Zeppelin
  • archwrites: which one, Sam?
  • copperbadge: The one that starts NAH NAH NAH NAH NAAAH NAAAH NAAH NAAAAH wait I'll find it [Kashmir, he meant Kashmir]
  • KnottaHooker: that's unhelpful
  • resplendeo: that could be so many songs, sam
  • KnottaHooker: :{
  • KnottaHooker: :P
  • archwrites: Tony would try to make it "Shoot to Thrill"
  • resplendeo: or iron man
  • archwrites: hahahaha he tries to use "Iron Man" and everybody just SHUTS HIM DOWN
  • archwrites: "This is a TEAM EXERCISE, Tony"
  • series: ahahahaa
  • copperbadge: I love Kashmir but can never remember the name
  • archwrites: it would also be really funny to have a training montage to like Frank Sinatra
  • series: pfffff
  • copperbadge: Or it cuts back and forth
  • archwrites: "Fly Me to the Moon", and Iron Man's like thorwing Steve
  • copperbadge: Like, everyone else is listening to Shoot to Thrill and Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • KnottaHooker: HAHAHAHA
  • archwrites: AHAHAHA
  • copperbadge: Steve, Bucky, Sam are over there training to Glenn Miller
  • series: omg
  • resplendeo: tony starts blasting Star Spangled Man
  • archwrites: no way, Sam's trolling them all, keeps putting on "Sexual Healing"
  • series: ahahahaha
  • copperbadge: Or "It's all right"
  • copperbadge: It's all riiiiight have a good tiiiiime cause it's all riiiiiight
  • resplendeo: what would Natasha be listening to?
  • copperbadge: Lady Gaga
  • resplendeo: ooh
  • archwrites: Beyonce!
  • copperbadge: Or as she calls it
  • copperbadge: Lady Gaga Shut Up I Like It
  • resplendeo: ah
  • copperbadge: Oh Beyonce even better
  • KnottaHooker: NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU
  • series: omg pls
  • resplendeo: no
  • series: no knotta
  • resplendeo: no
  • resplendeo: nono
  • archwrites: Natasha, Sharon, and Maria Hill, having the most badass training session ever to Beyonce
  • archwrites: HAHAHAHA KNOTTA
  • resplendeo: yes
  • copperbadge: They woke up like this!
  • JabberwockyPie: Yes!
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